ISyCoR - International Workshop on Intelligent Systems for Collaborative Robotics, organized in conjunction with INCoS 2016 (8-th International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems).

Date & venue: September 7-9, 2016, Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Main topics of interest (but not limited):

  1. Applications for collaborative intelligent robotic systems
  2. Artificial intelligence methods for design of intelligent robotic systems
  3. Human robot interaction and emotion recognition in social robotics
  4. Interaction of intelligent buildings and robotic systems
  5. Cloud computing for robotic applications
  6. Internet of things for intelligent robotics
  7. Semantic web technologies and services for robotic systems
  8. Modelling and simulation systems for robot teleoperation
  9. Learning robots in the ambient assisted living

More detailed information on the workshop home page.

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