Ján Vaščák


I am an associate professor in the branch of AI at Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Electrical Engeneering and Informatics, Technical University in Kosice. I am a member of the Center for Applied Cybernetics and cooperating with the team for Intelligent Cybernetics Systems.

Field of interest:

Research interests:


(In Slovak)

  1. Fuzzy Systems

  2. Hybrid Computational Intelligence

  3. Intelligent Systems and Mobile Robotics

  4. Intelligent Systems and Internet of Things (cancelled)

Selected papers:

Complete list of my publications


Postal address:

Assoc. Prof. Jan Vascak, PhD.
Department of Cybernetics and AI,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Informatics,
Technical University of Kosice,
Letna 9,
042 00, Kosice

Telephone & Fax:

++421-55-602-51 32 (phone)
++421-55-625-35 74 (fax)



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Center for Intelligent Technology is equipped with 16 NAO Humanoid Robots for research and educational purposes towards Intelligent technologies.

Annually the branch of AI finishaprx. 25 people in Bc. and MSc. . PhD level is also very active - we do have 11 alumni in AI past 15 years in branch of AI.