Miroslav Hudec


I am one of the PhD students at the Dept. of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of electrical engineering and informatics University of Technology in Kosice. I'm trying to make an research in area of the Artificial Intelligence in Artificial Neural Networks (google it!). I'm interested in online adaptive learning algorithms whose main aim is to act as a part of an entity in a dynamically changing environment.

Some of my research interests:

Personal Interests:


Hudec Miroslav MSc.
Dept. of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence
FEI, Technical University of Kosice


Letna 9
Košice, 04200
Slovak Republic

Phone: ++421-55-602-5101

E-mail: hudecm@neuron.tuke.sk

If u are exhausted by those boring and useless informations please take a look at my web folder. Warning: Informations contained in my web folder are only for educational purposes.
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